Fans Raucus and Joyful on the Way to Super Bowl

February 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Super Bowl fever infected local New Yorkers as they headed toward MetLife Stadium Sunday afternoon. The warm weather had everyone in a festive mood. Many just wore their team’s jersey over a light jacket.

Local trains were packed with fans Sunday wearing team colors. One elderly lady sported a bright blue shoulder-length betraying her team of choice.

“I never wore a wig before,” she told people sitting nearby. “Maybe my friends will see me on TV.”

She gave little snack bags of Skittles emblazoned with the Seahawks logo to Seahawks fans sitting nearby. One happy fan said he paid a thousand dollars for his ticket.

The crowd congregated in Penn Central Terminal and at the Secaucus train station in raucous fashion. Police were everywhere, some with dogs. Security was intense at the Secaucus terminal. Several miles out from the station at regular intervals, two to three armed soldiers in camouflage stood near an army jeep with a listening device on the roof.

It was complete mayhem in Secaucus. An estimated crowd of a few thousand filled every corner of the station. Someone would shout “Sea!” and be answered by a roaring “Hawks!” again and again. Two queue lines, “Bags” and “No Bags” had commuters waiting to have their things checked.

Police dogs walked everywhere with their handlers. Continuing the spirit of 12, several Seahawks fans sported a banner with the number 12 on their shoulders like a Superman cape that fell to their ankles.