Famous Chinese Democracy Advocate Urges Europe to Continue Arms Embargo

December 18, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: December 18, 2006 12:00 am

Wei Jingsheng, President of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, was invited to attend a conference at the European Parliament held by the European Liberal Democratic Party Union and the Transnational Radical Party. Mr. Wei stressed in his speech that the Europeans should continue the arms embargo imposed on China and stop a potential war prepared by China. The main focus of Wei's presentation was to explain the role of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition in China and overseas.

Wei also talked about the two primary objectives of the Asian Democratic Alliance which was recently established by the United States Congress. “One objective of the Asian Democracy Alliance is to promote democracy and human rights in China. Currently, the human rights movement in China is large. At recent demonstrations protestors have numbered in the hundreds of thousands,” said Wei.

“Another objective of the Asian Democratic Alliance is to prevent war between China and Taiwan. The Chinese people clearly see evidence that the CCP is preparing for war with Taiwan. For example, Chinese factories are urgently producing weapons. North Korea's recent nuclear tests put the United States and Japan on alert for increasing problems in the region. However, Europeans remain seemingly unaware of the impending crisis.”

In Wei's analysis, if the U.S. stands by and does not respond when China attacks Taiwan, the political consequences will be felt around the globe. Russia's support of a Chinese attack on Taiwan is based on political self-interest. Russia will use the opportunity to revive its influence in Asia.

Wei reminded the Europeans that arms control to the CCP not only involves the peace in Asia, but also affects the interests of Europe.

When asked why the possibility of the war was unavoidable, Wei answered, “Historically, the CCP has always shifted attention off its internal problems by launching wars, such as the Korean War, the Sino-Vietnamese War, and the Zhenbao Island War, etc. At present, problems both within the CCP and in the Chinese society at large are getting worse. The CCP currently uses the campaign of “fighting against corruption” to divert the attention of the Chinese people from its internal problems. However, as a corrupt government, the CCP will never fully eliminate corruption. Launching war is the only alternative to shift attention off its internal problems.”