Famous China Human Rights Attorney Spotted in Hometown

January 6, 2007 Updated: January 6, 2007

According to different inside sources, renowned human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng is currently residing at his hometown in North Shaanxi Province. Even though Gao was released from jail on December 22, he did not regain his freedom. Gao and his family are constantly being watched by police.

Since the time of Gao's arrest on August 15, 2006 until the time he was sentenced in December, his family has never received any legal documentation regarding his case. On December 12, Beijing's Intermediate People's Court put Gao Zhisheng on trial by charging him with the crime of “Subversion of State Power,” and on December 22 with the crime of “Instigating Subversion of State Power.” They sentenced him to three years imprisonment with a probation period of five years.

Beijing human rights activist Hu Jia, who has dedicated himself to rescuing Gao Zhisheng, was interviewed by The Epoch Times on January 5, 2007. He confirmed that Gao is currently in North Shaanxi.

Hu said that Gao has spoken only with his brother and sister by phone after his release, and that he was otherwise deprived of all outside connections and communication.

“He did not do this by choice. He is being pressured by the National Security Bureau. They have barred him from all outside contact. If his opinion on public affairs would ever reappear on any of the media or Internet websites, he would be returned to prison immediately.” According to the insiders' information, Gao has a very close relationship with his siblings and was publicly proclaimed “a dutiful son.” After being released, he requested to visit his ancestor's grave yard and to went to Shandong and North Shaanxi to visit his relatives so as to ease their worries, fears and other pressure that they might have been under.

Regarding Gao's release from prison, Hu Jia emphasized that, “this is not an improvement in his situation but rather a more severe form of evil acting out.”

“On one hand, they are using the grace period to let Gao return home, hoping that this will silence the international society and make people abroad believe that his lawsuit has come to an end. On the other hand, the five-year probation period is simply another way of imprisonment. Secluding Gao from any outside contact is an effort to make people forget him.”

Hu Jia said that Gao's courage and spirit has given people a lot of confidence. His quick and thorough insights are also a cause for people's sympathy. Although the Chinese regime was forced to release Gao for now, they fear that they have released a tiger back in the wild.

“Even after they released Gao, they continue to block him from any outside contact, and at the same time they do not release any information regarding Gao's current situation and his time in prison to the public. They also keep Gao in the dark regarding outside rescue efforts.”

Insiders expressed that, “The Chinese regime is using the despicable method of seclusion to spread slander against Gao Zhisheng.”

Hu Jia is calling out to the international society, governments, International Olympic Committee, and the United Nations to continue their inquiries regarding Gao Zhisheng's situation.