Video: Family Rescues Six Puppies From Under Deck

May 10, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

A heart warming video of the moment a litter of new born puppies are saved from underneath the deck of a house by a kind hearted family has surfaced online and gone viral.

The video starts by showing a man reaching under the deck and pulling out a tiny puppy of no more than a few days old. A helpful caption on screen explains that the puppy’s mother had hidden the dogs under the deck in a misplaced attempt to keep them safe.

The puppy is handed to a woman standing nearby who cleans its airways and makes sure it is breathing and well.

We then see a short wearing and topless child crawl back under the deck before returning with a second puppy. He speaks to the adults and explains that, “we got five,” before disappearing back under the wooded platform. A third puppy is then retrieved, followed by a fourth and finally a fifth, all of whom are handed to the awaiting woman who checks and rubs them to make sure they are fit and healthy.

At one point the child disappears completely underneath the wooden canopy before returning with the final two pups in his arms which are placed on a pink blanket inside a plastic crate with the others where they all moan contently.

The puppies mother then arrives looking incredibly happy that her children have been saved before she starts trying to dig them out of the plastic crate.

Finally, the boy crawls out of the crawlspace and explains, “no more,” and the woman checks the pups for injuries before carries them over to their waiting mother who circles them excitedly.

Credit: Jukin