Family of Boy in Gorilla Shooting Is Getting Online Threats From ‘Anonymous Ohio’

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
June 1, 2016 Updated: June 2, 2016

Anonymous Ohio posted a video on their Facebook page, blaming the death of the gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo on the mother of the child who had fallen into the enclosure. 

Anonymous Ohio says it is loosely affiliated with the larger hacking collective. The larger Anonymous collective hasn’t responded to Anonymous Ohio’s video.

The message was delivered, as always, by a man in a Guy Fawkes mask, who called for the mother to be criminally charged in the death of the gorilla. The family’s address and the mother’s workplace was mentioned in the video. 


Their response is called #OPHARAMBE, for Operation Harambe, the name of the slain gorilla. 

“Harambe rushed to the child’s aid. As people screamed in fear for the child’s life, Harambe sheltered the child and looked at the bystanders with fear in his eyes,” the voice in the video says. “He drug the child to a corner and protected the child, exactly as gorillas do with their offspring. Harambe showed no signs of aggression. Zoo employees shot Harambe dead instead of using any other means to rescue the child.”

The mother of the boy had waded into the controversy, calling what happened “an accident” and defending her own parenting in a now-deleted Facebook post. 

“As a society we are quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes off of their child and if anyone knows me I keep a tight watch on my kids,” she wrote. “Accidents happen but I am thankful that the right people were in the right place today.” 

The zoo has vociferously defended its decision to shoot the gorilla, arguing that the life of the child was at stake. In turn, blame has shifted from the zoo to the mother. 

No one else has fallen into the gorilla enclosure in its entire 38-year lifespan, the Cincinnati zoo said. 

On Twitter, some users lashed out against Anonymous Ohio, saying that the original lofty goals set out by the group when it was formed have been subverted.

“I thought these guys were taking down ISIS???? Then Trump??? Now just making life hell for some Ohio family instead???? I’d want to remain anonymous too,” wrote one person.