Family Mourns Iowa Man Who Died After Saving Daughter from Dog Attack

June 9, 2019 Updated: June 9, 2019

The mother of a man who died after saving his daughter from a dog attack is mourning the loss of her son.

Deb Newman told USA Today her son, 33-year-old Robert Joseph Quick, suffered a number of traumatic injuries as he fought off the dog that on May 31 attacked his daughter.

“It’s going to take a long time to come to terms with it. My son is no longer alive because of that dog,” Newman told the publication. “Yeah, I’m angry.”

Police said Quick died after saving his five-year-old daughter from being attacked, according to the Fort Madison Police Department.

The police said in a statement that deputies were called to a home in Fort Madison, Iowa, following a report of a dog attacking a man.

“Upon arrival, Officers found a large dog attacking a man, lying on his back, in the grass of the front yard,” said Sheriff Stacy Weber, the department’s Interim Police Chief. “The dog was very aggressive and would not release the man. The Officers on the scene did have to discharge a weapon to dispatch the animal to stop the attack.”

Newman told USA Today that on the day of the incident, Quick’s daughters went inside the home and were attacked by a “very big” boxer dog.

‘Tremendous Efforts to Save His Life’

According to ABC News, Quick was transported to Fort Madison Hospital and later pronounced dead.

The sheriff said in a statement that Quick lost his life after “tremendous efforts to save his life on the scene and by medical personnel were unsuccessful.”

The police did not disclose the cause of death, but a GoFundMe campaign set up to raise money for Quick’s funeral expenses notes that he died of a heart attack.

“He had a heart attack at the scene of the accident by the time the EMT’s got to him. They could not revive him,” the campaign page states.

Quick’s daughter suffered a dog bite to her face and was treated for her injuries. Police said that Quick, who was conscious following the attack, asked deputies to tend to his daughter.

“Quick had defended his daughter and undoubtedly saved her life by his actions,” the Sheriff said in a statement.

“His daughters and all his kids meant the world to him,” said Deb Newman, Quick’s mother, according to USA Today. “He always told everybody, ‘I would die for my kids,’ and by God he did. He died for his kids.”

According to a local obituary, Quick is survived by his wife and four children.

The obituary notes that Quick “enjoyed working on and collecting cars, camping, music, fishing, mushrooming and spending time on the river. Joe especially loved his children.”

“She wasn’t told (about her father’s death) right away,” Newman told USA today. “She was finally told the other day that her daddy’s sleeping in heaven. It’s kind of hard to tell a young girl, and they don’t want her to feel guilty, so he’s sleeping in heaven.”

People have posted various reactions in comments on the Facebook announcement of the incident.

Sean S Jellema wrote: “The dog owner undoubtedly has culpability. You want a pet? Care for it. And if it’s that violent towards other people for any reason you need to take extra precautions. No excuse for this tragedy. None! Now a child is without a father.”

Kandi Sue Glick wrote: “Absolutely tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and First Responders who had to witness and assist in such a tragic event. Thank you for all you do. My condolences and sympathy to all.”

Police said the dog did not belong to the victims but was being kept at the house for a family member.

Pack of Seven Dogs Attack Five People In Georgia

Police were forced to shoot two dogs out of a seven-strong pack that attacked five people in Georgia.

Cobb County Police were cited by Fox5 as saying that in the morning hours of April 10, a pack of seven dogs escaped from a home and attacked an elderly woman.

The victim’s son and others chased the dogs away, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The dogs continued their rampage, targeting other area residents, according to the police.

Cobb police spokesman Sgt. Wayne Delk told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that a total of five people suffered injuries in the attack. Two women were rushed by ambulance to the hospital for treatment, others arranged their own medical care, Delk said.

Cobb County Animal Services took the remaining dogs into custody, Fox5 reported.

Reporter Chris Jose of WSB-TV confronted the owner of the dogs, who expressed regret about the incident.

“My dogs are gone and they’re about to be dead,” said the woman, who was not identified by name. “I’m so sorry about what happened. They’re gone. I’m sorry.”

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