Family Claims They Were Harassed at Texas Rangers Game

By Venus Upadhayaya, Epoch Times
August 7, 2019 Updated: August 7, 2019

A family claims they were harassed at a Texas Rangers game.

Jessica Romero and Ramon Romero of Fort Worth, Texas, shared about the incident in a Facebook post in which they claimed that a man sitting behind them made negative comments directed at their family during the game, until they finally left the stadium around the fifth inning.

“So at tonight’s game, this couple sat behind us. We don’t usually sit in this section but I bought these tickets at the last minute so we weren’t in our usual seats.

“At every game, Munch always likes to take a selfie when we get to our seats. As we are taking the pic I hear the guy say ‘let me see how I can [expletive] up their pic’ not realizing he was talking about us until I saw the pic,” wrote Jessica in an Aug. 3 Facebook post.

Jessica said during the second inning, a young boy sitting behind the man kicked the back of his chair which triggered an episode of ranting.

The family’s picture that included the couple and their son, Nomar.

People on Facebook said they appreciated the family’s togetherness.

“I don’t understand why people treat others with such disrespect. You have a beautiful family, and I am sorry that there are people that act like that,” wrote one woman.

The Texas Rangers are investigating the episode and said the reported behavior is against its code of conduct for fans, according to the Dallas News.

Texas Rangers Code of Conduct for Fans

The Texas Rangers have a code of conduct for “positive fan behavior at Globe Life Park in Arlington,” according to the Rangers website.

“We encourage everyone to cheer for his or her favorite team and players, but do so in a manner as to not distract from another fan’s enjoyment of the game,” according to the first code of conduct.

The rules encourage guests to report bad behavior of other guests to the park’s representatives.

“Any guest encountering difficulties with any other guest is encouraged to notify any representative of Globe Life Park. Guest Assist allows text message communication between fans and facility operations.

If a ballpark guest is in need of assistance, they may use their mobile phone to text REPORT to 69050. The request is received by the Command Center, and Rangers personnel are able to respond immediately to diagnose the problem and dispatch, security, or medical staff to the guest’s location, as needed. The system is NOT for ordering food and beverages,” the team’s website reads.

Another rule debarred fans from using “obscene, profane, or offensive language” and said if reported such a person may be ejected from the park without refund.

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