Being Saviors Despite Being Persecuted

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
July 22, 2009 Updated: July 24, 2009

Several thousands Falun Gong practitioner and supporters from all over the world gathered in front of Capital Hill, Washington D.C. on July 16 to call for the immediate end to the decade long persecution of Falun Gong in China.

The noted Chinese scholar Sun Yanjun spoke at the rally to condemn the persecution and commend Falun Gong practitioners’ non-violent but persistent efforts for peace and justice. Following is an expert of his speech titled “Savior Despite of Persecution.”

“Thanks to the efforts of the international community, today the inhumane persecution that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has imposed on Falun Gong practitioners has been revealed to the world. With what faith did the Falun Gong practitioners endure all the unthinkable tortures, with what courage did they face the horrible genocide without giving in, and with what wisdom did they remain unmoved by all the lies, insults, slanders and mental tortures! For people in the free world, it is hard even to imagine.

Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful and rational resistance to persecution is absolutely heart moving. It is moving not only because it’s peaceful, not only because they have defended their faith, moral standard and dignity with their own lives, but more importantly because they never stopped spreading truths, compassion and courage to the world while they endure the cruelest persecution in human history. Their spirit will eventually heal the world.

In my entire career of religion studies, Falun Gong is the most faithful, most compassionate and the wisest group I have ever seen. With their pure hearts, they brought fresh hope to this world. It is such a group that the Chinese communist regime has been relentlessly suppressing and killing for their own political purposes. The persecution, therefore, is a crime against human beings, a crime even more intolerable than the Holocaust.

Violence and lies are what the CCP relies on to deceive the world. Truth of the persecution, however, has best proved what the regime really is. Now Chinese people have been awakening to the truths and actively resisting the regime’s tyranny. The world has realized that the conflicts between ethnic groups, the arms expansion and the acquiescence to nuclear treats are all desperate efforts to stay in power.

Again and again, communism proves to be the world’s worst enemy and the largest source of terror. The communist regime will not stop its harm and deception on its own.

Therefore, I sincerely call for the support of all the conscientious people around the world. I earnestly plea that you stand on the side of justice and on the side of Chinese people at this critical moment when the CCP is about to disintegrate.

Let’s pray for the Falun Gong practitioners who were killed for their belief, and wish their tragedy would never happen again.

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