Falun Gong and the Sujiatun Tragedy

By Wenhua, The Epoch Times
April 7, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: April 7, 2006 12:00 am

An Epoch Times reporter recently interviewed former Radio France International (RFI) Chinese department director and famous news reporter Wu Baozhang. Wu expressed his opinion about the relay hunger strike initiated by attorney Gao Zhisheng, a human rights activist, and the tragedy of Falun Gong practitioners' organs being harvested in the Sujiatun Death Camp for profits as recently exposed by The Epoch Times news agency. Wu believes the Falun Gong problem determines the future of China. He expressed, “From the first day I saw the news, I have never doubted its authenticity.”

The Key of the Chinese Political Situation is on Falun Gong

Wu Baozhang expressed in the interview, “The most prominent thing in China's political situation is the relay hunger strike initiated by attorney Gao. The principal characteristic of this campaign is not the hunger strike itself, but the 'relay.' As a reporter, under the domination of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I didn't see the effect of millions of people in the streets on June 4 and (Mostostal) Gdansk in Poland, neither did I see the effect of Pope John Paul II on Poland and Eastern Europe; however I've seen the relay hunger strike already blowing like a tornado through the Chinese political environment. The center of this whirlwind is how to solve the Falun Gong problem.”

“The Falun Gong 'center' determines China's future. Why do I say this? It is because Falun Gong is the group that is persecuted most severely and on the largest scale in Mainland China. The suppression policy the CCP authority adopts now has proven completely futile. Instead, this persecuted group grows stronger and stronger in the persecution.”

“Falun Gong is not involved with politics; however it is pushed to the center of the political storm. Whether China wants stabilization or not relies on how the CCP authority solves the Falun Gong issue.”

Wu also said, “I strongly feel that the Velvet Revolution has already quietly entered China. A figure similar to Walesa (former Polish President who contributed to Poland's transition to democracy) stands in front of us. This leader of the opposition in mainland China is not a traditional worker or a farmer, but a lawyer.”

I Never Doubt the Authenticity of the Sujiatun Tragedy

Regarding the authenticity of the Sujiatun tragedy, Wu said, “From the witness of the veteran surgeon, there is very important information. He said a CCP inner regulation document stipulates: death penalty criminals can be dealt with according to economic need—that is to say, their organs are allowed to be sold. There are different kinds of concentration camps in the world—Nazi concentration camps, Gulags—however, only the CCP sells human organs. This is the characteristic of the CCP's concentration camp.”

In regard to western media considering this news requiring confirmation from at least two or more sources to be acknowledged, Wu pointed out, “This guideline can not be applied to mainland China's news. China is a closed and special area and information cannot be obtained through normal channels. Besides, don't people talk about 'exclusive coverage?' If there is an exclusive coverage, that means only one media reports sometimes, and there is no second information source.”

“Since the first day I saw this news, I never doubted its authenticity. China has the historic condition for this extremely atrocious and inhuman deed to happen. People who understand the CCP's history know it. Under the close control of the CCP, the outer world has no way to monitor how humans deviate under the temptation of the market economy.”

“Before the Sujiatun case happened, I always paid attention to news of Chinese society. In January 2006, Chinese authority media reported that in Xinjiang province, a man killed a woman, took her inner organs, cooked them and ate them. He also made sausage of her flesh using her skin, to save for future food. You wouldn't believe me if I was first to say that. However, this case is in hearings now in Chinese court.”

“There is another article about a female university student who publicly auctioned herself in February 2006 on the internet. She was selling herself to whoever offered the highest price, and during those [purchased] days she would be a complete slave. This is the current situation of China as a result of moral degeneration. People will do anything for money.”

“Organ transplants in foreign countries are in short supply. The CCP treats Falun Gong as its political enemy, and at the same time, it treats them as commodities as well. They persecute them (Falun Gong practitioners) to death and use their organs to create surplus value. I have no doubt of that, and I believe the CCP can do things even more terrifying.”