Fallout 4? Zenimax-Owned Battlecry Studios Hiring for New Title, Rumors Fly

February 11, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

“Fallout 4”-related news hasn’t popped up in a few weeks other than rumors and hoaxes, but the newly developed Battlecry Studios–owned by Zenimax–is looking for more people.

A job listing posted on Zenimax’s website has the Fallout rumor mill churning once again.

“BattleCry Studios, the newest ZeniMax studio in Austin, is seeking a talented Senior Environment Artist to help create high quality environment art for an undisclosed AAA PC and next-generation console game,” the job posting reads.

The posting is for a yet-to-be announced PC title and console game. The company is looking for a Senior Environment Artist.

A few days ago, it was reported that a Fallout-related listing on IMDB called “Shadows of Boston” was made. Reddit users discovered the listing

The URL was taken down shortly after it was published.

And last month, there were reports that Bethesda was hiring talent for a “bleeding edge” RPG, without elaborating. The company was seeking “talented programmers to join our team that is pushing the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and consoles,” and says that “development experience on game consoles (Xbox360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4),” are among the requirements.

It also was looking for a “quest designer” for the game.

There’s a large number of hoaxes and rumors about the game, so it’s worth taking it with a grain of salt.

Several months ago, leaked documents published by Kotaku said that Boston would be the setting of the next Fallout game.

Bethesda or Zenimax have not confirmed the existence of a new Fallout title.

“The casting documents, which I’ve been able to confirm are real, include scripts, character descriptions, and other details about the next Fallout, and although the word Fallout does not appear in these scripts, there are several references to Fallout’s setting and locations,” writes Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

The documents include some lines that characters will say, including the iconic “War. War never changes” bit. It appears the main character in the game will say the line rather than the disembodied voice of actor Ron Perlman.