Fallout 4: No New Rumors; but Here’s a Guide on How to Make One’s iPhone Look Like a Pip-Boy 3000

There’s been virtually no news or even rumors about Fallout 4 in recent months, although a select few websites have been posting outright nonsense (saying it’s been “confirmed!”), simply making idle speculation (just go take a look at Google News), or rehashing rumors from six months ago.

However, for those waiting for the title to come out and have time to spare, there’s a way to make your jailbroken iPhone have the same features as the Pip-Boy 3000, the device used by players in the “Fallout” universe.

A Reddit user posted a how-to on the website, providing a description of how to do it on Imgur (with pictures on how to do it).

The user said, “Used Clarity for a theme, and Athena 2 to change icon color. Springtomize (along with changing the alpha and color levels to 0 in Hidden Settings) to make folders transparent. Background (and lockscreen) found here (website). 

“UIColors for green UI, and Monofonto as a font in BytaFont 2. It’s actually the exact font used for the actual in-game Pip Boys.

“Messages Customiser for bubble colors and background, and ColorKeyboard for keyboard background,” he added, saying then use “Springtomize for custom slider text.”

It’s worth noting that jailbreaking an iPhone could cause problems, and there also could be errors after downloading the Pip-Boy modification, so use at your own risk.

For iOS 7.1, evad3rs and Chinese team Pangu have both issued updates.

Regarding many of the recent rumors about Fallout 4, they appear to be false and derived from dubious sources, according to AttackoftheFanboy.

A few months back, Bethesda spokesman Pete Hines asked fans of the franchise to stop asking questions about Fallout 4. 

“I don’t reallly pre-announce our announcements. 2) BGS will not be talking about its next game for a long time,” he tweeted earlier this year, adding: “Dear Fallout Fans: Please select a new fan spokesperson. This one is mean. Sincerely, Pete “the $&^€” Hines.”