Fallout 4: Director Talks About the Fallout MMO Possibilities

The director of Fallout: New Vegas, Josh Sawyer, said the franchise could potentially be turned into an MMO.

Speaking with IGN, he said, “Personally, I think there are some interesting things that could happen with Fallout in an MMO environment.”

He added, “There are some folks who kind of cobbled together all the Fallout 2 resources into kind of a makeshift MMO, made by fans. It was pretty cool but insane. It’s like if you take all of the most brutal aspects of Ultima Online and multiply them by five, you have that game.” Fallout 2–which came out in 1998–was released at around the same time as Ultima Online, considered one of the first MMORPGs.

“So I think there’s interesting potential for an online version of Fallout,” he said.

He also talked about where the game would be set.

“I like doing stuff on the West coast because we’re close by, and that’s kind of been a tradition for the West coast developers of that stuff,” he said. “I think going back to the Boneyard, LA, would be pretty cool but another area that I think Nathanial Chapman who used to work at Obsidian, he thought New Orleans would be a really cool setting for a Fallout game and I think that’d be really cool as well.”

Bethesda, the publisher of Fallout 3, has remained mum on a Fallout 4–if that’s what the game is actually called. Last year, Kotaku posted leaked casting documents for the game, and they indicated it would be set in Massachusetts.

Currently, Bethesda has its hands full with “Elder Scrolls Online,” the coming “Doom 4,” the upcoming “The Evil Within,” “BattleCry,” and “Prey 2.”