Fallout 4: Bethesda Exec Talks About why ‘Battlecry’ Was Chosen for E3

Fallout 4 hasn’t been confirmed by Bethesda but the company’s VP of Marketing & PR, Pete Hines, gave an interview as to why his company decided to announce a new game, “Battlecry,” instead of a “Fallout” title at E3 this month

Hines didn’t exactly say if “Fallout 4”–or whatever it’s called–is actually being worked on or not, according to an interview with Gamezone.com.

“We’re a company that has seven studios and we’re doing a lot of things that aren’t Bethesda Game Studios or Elder Scrolls or Fallout, and [Battlecry] is yet another,” Hines told the website. “Again, if you’re only looking for something that is Fallout, well, then it doesn’t matter what else we’re doing. I guess you’re not interested.

“I love playing [Battlecry],” he said. “We make games that we like to play. We really enjoy every time there’s a playtest for Battlecry. Afterwards, we’re walking around outside our offices and cubes, talking about who did what to whom, and did you see this.”

Referring to “Battlecry,” he said, “There’s something to be said. It’s not just another MOBA, strategy game. We felt like these guys had a cool idea to do something different that kind of resonated well with us. Even when we were playing it and it had like no textures, it was still fun. I was like ‘I’d still play this today, like this, if it was out.’”

He added: “We’re excited about what we are and not all that worried about what we’re not.”

Last year, a casting document was leaked to Kotaku.com, describing the existence of a “Fallout” game.