Falling Back In Love With Your Business or Career

December 4, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

You started your business years ago. You were bright eyed, eager and believed that anything was possible. But now, caught in a whirlwind of invoicing, customer complaints, incompetent staff and the never ending list of things to do you’re starting to wonder how you ever thought this was all such a good ideas. But loving what you do doesn’t have to be a fairy tale and can actually be manifested just as carefully as your last business plan. Don’t worry I’m not going to bombard you with buzzwords like vision, leadership and strategy because those clearly don’t mean anything to you right now. You want something that will get you into action and waking up with a smile. So, instead of going into a deep debate on the importance of corporate vision, let’s start with small and simple stuff that still make a BIG impact.

If You’re Ticked Off At The Way Things Are: Ask For Help. Instead of just feeling frustrated and overwhelmed take a step back and ask yourself why. And, as reasons start to trickle in don’t try to stop the flood.  Take it all in and then (after an optional big breathe) narrow down your list to three major issues. You can then, one by one, start assigning deadlines to finding solutions to your problems. And, because you have identified your roadblock you can now ask for directions. With so many consultants, coaches and creative solutions companies it is nearly impossible to have a problem that no one knows how to deal with. So, ask for help! Change takes effort and courage. Stay as focused as possible as you eliminate one problem at a time. And, please be patient with yourself. We do not all need to operate at Twitter speeds in order to be successful.

If You Feel Like Work Has Taken Over Your Life. And, not in a good way. Then, it’s time to reclaim some of it back. Running a business is hard but if you let it lead you it becomes even harder. Show your business who is boss and start reclaiming some “you” time. Practically speaking this is what it looks like:

When you wake up: Don’t start reading your emails! Instead, put on your favorite song, jump out of bed with a smile and dance your butt off. (I have also found the fist pumping at 6am puts me in a very cheerful mood).

At Lunch: Odds are you eat at your desk, on your way to a meeting or to meet with a client. Instead once a month take your lunch and eat it outside. In the wintertime, find a cafe that has windows where you can sneak a peek. And, use the 30-60 minute break to reward yourself. Listen to music, doodle in a notebook, read a magazine, catch up on Facebook or play connect 4 – whatever you decide just make sure it’s something that you enjoy and rarely take the time for.

At Night: Instead of rolling over after an episode or movie take five minutes to visualize what you want your next day to entail. Make it as visual as possible and try to really feel your vision.

Realize that you can take the trash out with a smile or a frown but regardless, someone needs to take out the trash. Truths like “business is hard” and “money is slow” or “there just aren’t enough projects to go around” are 100% bogus. These realities we have come to accept about the world are just as real as “I love what I do”, “I’m so busy I had to start a wait list” and “I’m hiring three more people to help with the workload.” It just depends on which reality you want to live. We see and attract what we want to see. So, if you are going around stating just how hard work is then you better get ready for some unpleasant surprises. Now, does that mean you will never have troubles again if you think positively? Of course not, but you’ll probably get through them with a lot less pain and frustration. Think about that first fight you had with your loved one when they wanted you to take out the trash. You yelled and said things you shouldn’t have which got you the coach and a cold shoulder for a couple days, not to mention you still had to take out the trash. And, days later you thought to yourself: that argument was so silly. I should just have taken out the trash. Well, same goes for business. It’s the resistance that’s painful, not the process.

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