Fake Rice Made Out of Paper Has Been Plaguing China

September 22, 2015 Updated: December 11, 2016

Fake rice made from small pieces of paper were found in Guangdong Province, located in Southern China, according to reports this week.

A woman noticed that her rice was much, much more difficult to chew than normal. The woman, who has the surname Cai, told reporters that her family didn’t notice anything strange until she bit down on rice that was “unusually hard,” reported Shanghaiist, citing the Apple Daily newspaper.

Cai took the piece out of her mouth and looked at it closely before she noticed it was actually not real rice. She rolled it out like a miniature roll of paper.

“The rice we ate felt no different than usual, until half way through the meal I chewed onto an unusually hard piece of rice,” she said, per MailOnline.

The rice grains appear to be twisted at the end to look like little pieces of rice. She told local police she bought the rice from a street vendor who told her the rice was grown locally and “without the use of any pesticides.”

There have been reports from earlier this year of plastic rice sold at a Chinese market.

Oryza.com reported that the plastic grains stay hard after being boiled. The soup made from it creates a disgusting mixture that “burns like plastic” when it’s heated up.

But seriously, who thought this was a good idea or that people wouldn’t notice?

However, some Chinese netizens said that the paper rice might be a hoax.

“Do u have any idea how many grains you have to cook before you have a decent cup of rice? On top of that u don’t even cook a cup, you cook a pot. We are talking about thousands and thousands of grains,” the person said.