Fadden’s Revelations Long Overdue

June 26, 2010 Updated: June 26, 2010

Is anyone really surprised by CSIS head Richard Fadden’s statement that some Canadian government officials are under the influence of China? I doubt it. It is well known that China has been spying in Canada for decades. Is it such a stretch to think that some politicians have been compromised in the process?

An example of one such politician is Mayor of Ottawa Larry O’Brien who, after returning from a visit to China in May, refused to proclaim Falun Dafa Day, which had been proclaimed by the City of Ottawa in previous years. When asked by a city councillor for the reason why, O’Brien said he had made a “commitment” while in China, where Falun Dafa was outlawed by the regime in 1999.

Another is former Mayor of Vancouver Sam Sullivan. After a few visits to China—one during which he said that he had been treated “like an emperor”—Sullivan pushed for a bylaw to get rid of the Falun Dafa protest hut and signs outside the Chinese consulate in Vancouver.

Brian McAdam, a retired Canadian diplomat to China, has warned for years that all levels of Canadian society, including politicians, have been infiltrated by Chinese operatives. Remember the quashed Sidewinder report, anyone?

Former CSIS head Jim Judd stated last April that half the agency’s efforts monitoring foreign operatives is devoted to what Chinese agents get up to in Canada. This includes attempts to collect information, interfere in Canadian affairs, or stir up trouble in ethnic communities, Judd said.

Fadden’s comments are long overdue. Elected officials are wrong to criticize Fadden or seek his resignation. Do they really think he can’t back his allegations?

Here is a thought. While everyone is upset about the billion-dollar security tab for the G8 and G20, we should be demanding what results CSIS has produced on the Chinese regime’s interference for all the money it has spent so far—and what our government has done about it.

Wouldn’t that be a good bang for the buck?

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Kathy Xu