Facebook Videos Transforming The Digital Marketing Landscape

June 11, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

It seemed that once upon a time YouTube videos could never be dethroned, but that all changed very recently. As it turns out the social network with the most users today, Facebook, since adding native Facebook videos the narrative has shifted away from Google’s video-streaming site.

Facebook´s advertising platform or system is proving to be successful since marketers and advertisers are going native on the social channel. According to a blog post by Social Media analytics and Publishing Company, Socialbakers, the data collected suggests marketers are spending more money per post into videos compared to other types of content.

The spending on Video Views is attributed to two factors: great reach and engagement. If you happen to be on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone you will a nice amount of videos on your Facebook News Feed. You will see that they have a high number of views, Likes, comments and shares. All the more reason companies or businesses want to utilize video on Facebook for a great return on investment (ROI).

By Socialbakers
Taken from a sampling of 3,800 accounts and over 770,000 ads.

Today´s technological world moves rapidly and tech companies are always trying to stay ahead of the pack. What has been proven in today´s fast-paced world is that no company holds the reigns for too long until someone comes up with something newer and fresher.

Insights and stats on Facebook native videos

So on any given day, week or month you are browsing the social network you notice these Facebook videos auto-play silently. As silent as they may be they are certainly accumulating plenty of attention from users. According to a Businessinsider.com report the top 1,000 profiles on Facebook combined with YouTube are uploading four times more videos natively on Mark Zuckerberg´s website.

In addition to top profiles shifting gears on where to publish videos brands have joined the bandwagon. As a result, as of Jan. 2014 native publishing has skyrocketed with YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and Vine all flat lining.

Elsewhere, a report from the Huffington Post reported a set of metrics that Facebook is accomplishing. Facebook has an impressive 4 billion daily video views; it is as many as YouTube after a decade. Furthermore it was emphasized in this article and what makes Facebook video powerful is they are integrated into text. In other words, there is a continuity to the content and seems more natural for the likes of a YouTube video link posted.

Brands specifically in the travel industry have begun to experiment with both platforms. A Skift.com trends report explains that brands are taking different approaches to how they pitch and market their services using these social channels. So, it is safe to say Facebook native videos are performing superbly and will be interesting to see what new enhancements will arise because of the competition.

Takeaways and conclusions

So if you are a business, a marketer, an advertiser, or any other videos are great ways to showcase your branding. Include original content with a unique narrative that is not too promotional.

Those brands that can be original storytellers and who are social media friendly will see great results from their messages to these masses.

Regardless of the recent trends do explore both YouTube and Facebook. Promoting online videos is one thing, but online video creation platform, ShowBox, explains in a detailed blog post three things you need to promote successfully your online videos.

Remember to monitor and to listen carefully to your social audience. They will make the difference and how you convert on these interactions will be central to your business initiatives.