Facebook Scam: ‘Poor Girl Forced by School Friends and She Commit Suicide’

March 11, 2015 Updated: March 11, 2015

There’s a Facebook scam going around that users shouldn’t click on or share. It reads: “Poor Girl Forced by School Friends and She Commit Suicide. … she was crying while all this painful act of her friends.”

When one clicks on the link, they’re taken to a page that asks them to share the post before going any further. Doing this ensures that the scam spreads even further.

There’s no actual video on the website.

As security blog Online Threat Alerts notes, “Clicking the image above which appears as a video, will only ask you to like, share the same page or complete surveys in order to play the video. But, this is only a scam designed to trick you into spreading this scam to your Facebook friends, by sharing the fake Facebook website.”

These scams often spread bunk surveys, which is how cybercriminals make their money. “Now, it is this fake YouTube web page that the scammers want you to “like” or share, which will make it popular. Once the page is popular, these scammers can sell it to online marketers or other scammers. They will also make money from the surveys that are completed by gullible Facebook users who were tricked into completing them,” the site says. 

Says Hoax-Slayer: “And, in some cases, you may have inadvertently subscribed to a very expensive SMS service that will charge you several dollars for every useless message they send you. However, no matter how many surveys you complete you will never get to fill in the fake prize claim form.”