Facebook Problem: Site Not Letting Some People Post to Walls

December 10, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

A problem has emerged on Facebook on Tuesday, with the popular social media website not allowing people to post on other people’s walls.

“Seems there’s an issue with Facebook pages and profiles,” said Scott Kleinberg of the Chicago Tribune via Twitter. “Can’t post and hearing from friends they can’t either.”

Added Kelly Lanza: “Today Facebook decided to not let me post to my Studio DIY page. Anyone else having this issue? Photo shows up in album but not feed.”

And Scott Summerhayes said: “Why is Facebook not letting me post anything to the shop page! ANNOYING. Tried two browsers it [definitely] a Facebook issue..”

Posting to people’s walls is working for this reporter, but posting to Epoch Times Facebook page is not.

Facebook hasn’t posted about the situation on its official blog or its Twitter account.

Story developing; check back for updates

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