Facebook Closed? Viral Hoax Says It’s ‘Not Accessible’ February 29, 30, 31’

January 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral rumor going around on Facebook claims the website will be closed February 29, 30, and 31 in 2014.

One obvious reason not to believe this hoax is that February only has 28 days in a month, and 2014 is not a leap year.

“Facebook will be closed for maintenance from Feb. 29-31. Many people will try to login from February 29 to 31, only to find the site closed. Please repost so that your FB friends have warning and do not face mental health problems due to FB withdrawal. I will be placing my brain in a vault for those three days. My FB friends let me know (thank you Carolyn!). I am passing it forward,” the false rumor says.

And Facebook would not “shut down” for maintenance.

The Feb. 29-31 hoax has been around for several years.

It appears a few people have been tricked by the rumor.

“Facebook will be closed down for maintenance from February 29th to 31st 2014,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Added another person on Facebook: Ok…so I just posted something about Facebook Being closed/Shut down February 29, 30th and 31st. And yea…thank you … for pointing out…that those dates dont exist! HAHA! Looks like Facebook got me! Good laugh!”