Facebook Censors Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Over Cleaning a Duck

October 27, 2017 Updated: October 27, 2017

Facebook appears to have labeled a video from former “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson as “graphic content,” triggering concerns about censorship on the online platform.

In the video, Robertson can be seen cleaning a duck, but it was labeled, “This video may show graphic violence or gore,” according to a screenshot that he had posted online.

“Graphic violence? Where do these people think their food comes from?!” Robertson asked.

A clip of the duck-cleaning was posted on Conservative Review’s Facebook page.

“As he’s working, Robertson talks about how some liberals believe it “takes a coward to go out and kill a bird” with a gun. ‘No,’ Robertson says, ‘It takes someone who is hungry, and he wants organic food out in the wild,’” the report says.

“The video is Phil, his feathered duck, his pot, and a few words about living off the land and woods. Facebook censored Phil’s post for ‘graphic violence or gore.’ Anyone who is not logged into Facebook will not be able to see the video on Robertson’s Facebook page. The post isn’t there at all – censorship in the truest sense of the word,” the website says.

It appears that Facebook disabled the ability to embed the video.