Facebook ‘Account Verification’ Before March 15 Post Over SOPA, PIPA is a Scam

January 28, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

There’s a Facebook post going around claiming an “announcement from Facebook Verification Team” that all profiles have to be verified before March 15, 2014, due to the SOPA and PIPA acts.

The message comes in the form of an image, saying that one needs to verify their account to “avoid scams” under SOPA and PIPA.

It also implores one to “invite your friends” and to “make sure you are the real owner of this account.”

The claims made in the post are not true.

When one clicks on the message, they’ll be sent to a fake page that asks them to share the post even further.

After that, the page then displays several bogus survey pages that only aim to seek one’s personal information. They also try to get users to sign up for online games.

Such surveys try to grab users’ personal information and can sign one up for expensive SMS “subscriptions.” The personal information will also be shared with third parties for spamming reasons.

Similar scams that have proliferated on Facebook include ones saying Rihanna died, a post claiming there’s a video of the “world’s largest snake” in Brazil, and another claiming to have footage of a man getting eaten by a shark in the ocean.