Extend The Life Of Your Transmission With Regular Service


Ralph’s Transmissions

 Most vehicle owners understand that certain maintenance must be done to extend the life of their vehicles. Oil and filter changes, brake inspections and regular engine tune-ups are often a part of their regular vehicle maintenance routine. However, many times these same people may neglect giving the same attention to their transmission, which also needs regular maintenance to function correctly and to extend its life.

What Is Done During A Transmission Service?

Although it may vary slightly, most transmission services will cover certain basic factors according to Ralphs Transmissions in Sarasota, Florida.. Vehicle transmissions usually have a filter, pan, gasket and fluid that all need regular maintenance to keep the transmission working properly. Each car or truck manufacturer may have different stipulations on how often the transmission should be serviced, though it is generally around every 15,000 miles. A transmission service will usually include:

  • Checking the fluid levels, filling or replacing the transmission fluid as necessary

  • Removing and inspecting the pan or sump

  • Inspecting, cleaning or replacing the filter as necessary

  • Replacing the pan gasket when reinstalling the pan after inspection

Since transmissions have to endure a high amount of friction, it is imperative that the fluids used for lubrication are at the proper levels and that particles are removed from the fluid. Particles are released into the fluid from the clutch and other metal parts, causing the fluid to lose its lubricating ability. Changing the filter and flushing out the old fluid can remove these harmful particles that can cause excess wear on the transmission components, diminishing the life of the system.

A new transmission can cost thousands of dollars, making it one of the more expensive automotive repairs that the vehicle can have performed during its life span. However, with regular transmission service, many vehicles can last for a few hundred thousand miles without ever needing the transmission replaced. It makes financial sense to invest in regular transmission service to maintain and extend the life of a transmission, often saving thousands of dollars in repair costs.