Extell’s Cantilever Approved in $38.1 Million Deal for Art Students League

By Catherine Yang, Epoch Times
February 13, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Arts Students League approved Extell’s cantilever design for the 217 West 57th St. high rise Wednesday night, 1,342 to 227.

The League had supported Extell’s design in City public hearings early on, but recently groups opposing the cantilever pushed to delay the vote.

Two opposition groups had spoke out against the design, according to New York Observer.

An Extell spokesperson responded that if the design was not approved Wednesday night, the developer would proceed with a different design and the League would no longer receive the $38.1 million promised if Extell built a cantilever over the League’s building. The cantilever will project 290 feet over the League’s building.

The cantilever was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission last fall, saying it would have a minimal impact on the League.

The first five floors of the building will be a Nordstrom store.  Excavation for the site has already begun.