‘[Expletive] This Flag, [Expletive] This Country:’ Protesters Stomp on Flag and Curse Outside Trump Rally

April 4, 2016 Updated: April 5, 2016

A group of anti-Donald Trump protesters gathered outside a Trump rally in Wisconsin on Sunday and proceeded to stomp on U.S. flags.

Warning: Videos contain crude language.

While Trump spoke inside the Nathan Hale High School at West Allis, supporters and protesters faced off in the latest tense situation following the Republican frontrunner.

At one point, an InfoWars reporter approached a group of black people who were stomping and spitting on the flag. 

Identifying himself as a spokesman said that the “red, white, and blue” is “the new swastika.”

“[Expletive] this flag. [Expletive] this country,” he added. 

The interview went on for a while, but the actions caught the attention of Trump supporters who are also veterans.

“That’s our flag. That`s our country. I mean, that;s [expletive] we`ve got family members, they`ve got family members that died for their right to do that and there is just no gratefulness, no respect. There`s no appreciation and it makes me sick. It thoroughly makes me sick. I think it’s sad,” James Turk said told Fox6.

Police eventually created a barrier between Trump supporters and protesters to keep the peace. 

Similar footage emerged of another anti-Trump protester last month. That man was the one who rushed Trump on stage and was taken down by security.