Ex-Navy Man Arrested for Wife’s Murder

February 1, 2018 Updated: February 1, 2018

Authorities arrested a Navy vet whose wife went missing in 2014, after first claiming he was not a suspect.

Elizabeth Sullivan was 31 years old at the time she went missing in 2014. The family made efforts to find out what happened to Sullivan, including hiring a private detective. But in a 2015 statement said that the case had gone cold, according to CBS 8.

In 2016 Sullivan’s body was found off San Diego, in a harbor inlet not far from where Elizabeth Sullivan and her husband, Matthew, lived. An autopsy revealed she had been murdered.

An earlier report by NBC 7 via video revealed that Matthew Sullivan and Elizabeth’s father traveled around the United States seeking information about her whereabouts. A report in 2016 by ABC 10 said police did not consider her husband a suspect.

In an interview with People in November 2014, Matthew explained what was at the time believed to be a search process.

“I’m running on fumes right now, I don’t know where to look. I’m always looking around the neighborhood, trying to catch a glimpse of her. Even if I got a phone call saying she’s okay, it would put my mind at rest. But nothing at this point.”

In the interview, Matthew also revealed he was having marital problems and that Elizabeth and the couple’s two daughters had been going out with friends more often, presumably without him. He claims that although their relationship was stretched she never went away for more than one night.

After finding the body, police investigators found blood on the bedroom floor of the couple’s former residence, as well as a knife with DNA from both Matthew and Elizabeth Sullivan. According to court reports obtained by CBS 8, the knife appeared to have been washed, but blood was found in its “inner workings.”

Matthew Sullivan was in the Navy at the time of the murder, but left and moved to Delaware after his wife’s body was discovered. He is currently being detained at a Delaware jail after his Jan. 31 arrest and awaits extradition back to San Diego, according to CBS 8.

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