‘Evil Twin’ Granted Parole Nearly 20 Years After Plot to Kill Sister

November 29, 2017 Updated: November 29, 2017

The “evil twin” who plotted to murder her sister and assume her identity has been granted parole after nearly 20 years in jail.

However, the district attorney is appealing for the California state governor to overrule and block her release, claiming that Gina Han remains a danger to society.
In 1998 Gina (also known as Jeen) Han was convicted of conspiring to murder her twin sister Sunny Han after a trial that caught the attention of the public. Police at the time dubbed her “the evil twin.”

She had convinced two young men to help her murder Sunny in 1996, with whom she had a love-hate relationship, and had fallen out.

When the two young men entered Sunny’s apartment in Irvine, California, her roommate Helen Kim was swept into the plot. Both were bound and gagged, before being rescued by police.

Gina Han, now 43, was given a 26-year sentence, and on Oct. 31 was recommended for release by the parole board.

The decision, however, is subject to a 120-day review period under California law, during which it can be vetoed by the state governor.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckus wrote to Gov. Jerry Brown advising him to use his executive power to reverse the decision.

He noted that evidence at parole hearing revealed she had a borderline personality disorder, which he said had not been addressed.

He said that it should be remembered that Gina had plotted for two months to commit murder in cold blood “demonstrating zero regard for the life and suffering of her sister Sunny Han.”

“In fact, but for Sunny Han miraculously have a cellphone on her person when Gina Han’s accomplices stormed the apartment, this would have most certainly been a first-degree murder, if not a double-homicide.”

He described as troubling her choice of words in trying to express remorse: words like “reckless” “impulsive” “selfish” and “made bad choices.”

“Those types of words are used to describe run-of-the-mill youthful indiscretions. They in no way should one used to describe the manipulative, scheming and evil behavior the inmate indulged in over the course of two months in order to end her sister’s life and assume her identity.”

“The fact remains that she is still flexing the manipulation muscles that she used when she recruited two young men to murder her sister, and they appear to be as keen as they were in 1996,” wrote Rackauckas.

Back in 1996 Gina had recruited to teenage boys—Archie Bryant, then 16, and John Sayarath, then 15—to carry out the attack on her sister.

The two teenage boys posing as salesmen had made their way into Sunny’s apartment, and tied up her roommate. Sunny heard the struggle and was able to get a call to the police from the bathroom before they found her.

Gina’s plot appears to have been motivated by anger—Sunny had reported her to the police for stealing her car and using her credit cards.

Gina had been waiting in a car outside.

The district attorney mentioned Gina’s motive to assume her sister’s identity after murdering her, something which police had said at the time, claiming that she had wanted to take her money and credit cards without worrying about a criminal background or poor credit history.

The two teenagers were sentenced at the time to a total of 24 years in prison.


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