Every Week When I Get My Hands on My Crisp New Copy of the Epoch Times

April 29, 2020 Updated: April 29, 2020
I’m a TV journalist and have been since the early 80s. From almost the very beginning—when I became convinced that TV news is much more about ratings than down-the-middle reporting—I’ve had to live with an internal conflict. But now every week when I get my hands on my crisp new copy of The Epoch Times, I feel like I’ve done something to shed real light on the truth.
It’s clear to me that your editorial staff works diligently to get the facts right and to shortcut reader comprehension at every possible turn. I cherish every issue, read it cover to cover, display it proudly on my desk, and urge everyone to get their own copies. With all of the distortion out there, we need your brand of journalism now more than ever. Thanks for everything you’ve done to make it available and PLEASE keep up the extraordinary work!
Mike R.e