Event Manager: ‘Shen Yun must open doors to the world’

April 1, 2012 Updated: September 29, 2015

Ms. Maryam Maleki attends Shen Yun Performing ArtsFRANKFURT, Germany—Maryam Maleki, originally from Iran, event manager for artists/pianists and piano competitions attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company’s closing show at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt am Main on the evening of March 31.

“Shen Yun showed me China’s historical past, which is 5,000 years old,” Ms. Maleki said.

“It is highly interesting for Europeans to see this ancient history of China, and packaged into such a short time frame.”

According to an entry on the Shen Yun website, Ms. Maleki’s statements are true: “Based in New York, Shen Yun Performing Arts was established in 2006 with the mission of reviving 5,000 years of divinely inspired Chinese culture.”

“I was greatly surprised at the charisma emanating from the artists. This represents their belief and conviction. Every movement represented their outlook in life.”

All of the Shen Yun dancers try to embody the principle that if they are pure in thought, that beauty will be translated to the audience, the website explains.

Audience members often comment on the company’s high artistic level, both for the dance and the visuals: the backdrops and costumes.

“Shen Yun presents, just as its name implies, beauty and divinity,” she said. “Everyone that is married to art needs the divine.”

“The colors and its blending with the movements indicate a high artistic level, which is also highlighted by the choreography,” she said.

A Shen Yun entry on the group’s website states, “Animated backdrops transport the audience to another world.”

“The backdrop and the choreography turn into the divine direction,” said Ms. Maleki.

Turning to mention the music, Ms. Maleki said: “The pianist represents the highest quality and was marvelous in accompanying the singers. She knew exactly when to hold back, so the voice of her colleague could gain in importance.”

After more than 60 years of Communist rule in China, and especially after the Cultural Revolution, Chinese traditional culture has been all but completely demolished. However, the deeper spiritual core of the ancient culture … cannot be destroyed.”

Ms. Maleki seemed to appreciated this cultural difference in saying, “One is generally used to different types of entertainment from China. Shen Yun shows a different view of China, which is unknown to almost all of us.”

“The Chinese people that are living in the West owe it to their countrymen to bring back the ancient culture, the culture that is truly fantastic,” she said.

“This show taught me that one should take it easy and to believe in something that is beyond us. One needs to think positive, which is rather difficult at times when things don’t go one’s way.”

“Shen Yun must open doors to the world. Using art is the most peaceful and best way to return to ones root.”

“I want to wish the artists all the best and hope that they will honor Frankfurt with their presence yearly over the coming ten years,” she said.

Reporting by Bernd Schneeweiss.

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has three touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world. Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company will next perform in Stockholm, Sweden from April 4-6.

For more information, please visit ShenYunPerformingArts.org.