Even After Respiratory Symptoms Fade, COVID-19 Patients Face Another Danger

May 5, 2020 Updated: May 5, 2020

Doctors treating CCP virus patients are starting to notice blood clotting after respiratory symptoms and other signs of the illness fade away.

“There’s something about this virus that’s exaggerated that to the nth degree,” said Mitchell Levy, chief of pulmonary critical care at the Warren Albert School of Medicine, according to Bloomberg. “We’re seeing clotting in a way in this illness that we have not seen in the past.”

He noted that blood clotting is “probably the most important thing that’s emerged over the last perhaps month or two.”

When clots form, they can pose a serious health risk and cause damage to organs including the liver, heart, and kidneys. But blood clotting in the lungs has occurred in the lungs of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus patients, which can impact their breathing.

Margaret Pisani, an associate professor of medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine, told the news outlet that there have been cases where virus patients appear to be fine but suddenly “fall off the edge” and develop more severe respiratory symptoms. Clots in the lungs might be the culprit, she said.

Dr. Hooman Poor, a lung specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, told Reuters that he observed blood clotting in 14 patients who were on ventilators.

“I feel like all these patients have blood clots in their lungs,” Poor said in April.

Last week, the New England Journal of Medicine found that five people between the ages of 33 and 49 had strokes, which can be caused by blood clots. Those patients were treated for blockages of blood vessels.