Going Geometric With Handmade Clutches From Etsy

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times


Coriumi’s beautiful leather bags make you want to stare at them for hours to study their textures and unique geometric patterns. The duo behind the brand is ingenious couple Inga and Arvydas from Lithuania, Europe. Their aim is to add to any simple look a special touch that will grab everyone’s attention. I’m sure that won’t be hard. The screen printed leather is their secret material while Lithuanian folklore mixed with geometry is their key element. 

Etsy shop: Coriumi

Website: www.coriumi.com



Crow, based in Salt Lake City, is specializing in the finest of handcrafted leather. All handmade in the USA. The charm of their bags lies in a traditional cut and quality that you can spot from a mile away. Their signature is playing with the sewing to create unusual geometric lines. 

Etsy shop: Crow 

Website: www.crowslc.com



Mashausha bags, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, are all about developing the new urban mind. Geometric figures on grey leather or cotton really brings to mind the labyrinth of a big city and its busy life. Opened just recently, Mashausha stands out as a brand worth following. 

Etsy shop: Mashausha 



If real leather is not your kind of thing, try Alcantara and its synthetic version. Polish Cocoono are sure using this material when they create their minimalist clutch designs. Discover with them how many shades of black exist (and how great it can match your daily outfit).

Etsy shop: Cocoono