August 2, 2020 Updated: August 14, 2020

The political leadership of this country at all levels from the lowest up to the Congress and the President has shown an appalling lack of economic knowledge and basic human wisdom with their totally incompetent dividing of society into essential/non-essential jobs.

The entire world economy is a vast, interdependent, and interacting system of jobs. Jobs with high profiles and jobs not even noticed most of the time. Jobs and the people who get up every day and perform them. There is not one single job on this planet that is “non-essential” and yet the response of leadership worldwide was to start with the insane idea that to “flatten the curve” the thing to do was to eliminate the non-essential jobs/people and in so doing save the world. Even the non-essentials should understand their losses and sacrifices are all in service to the greater good and what could possibly be more important than that?

The disastrous failure of the Ruling Essentials in the US and around the world to understand even the most basic truths about the economic and human side of governance has resulted in a world economy on the brink. The non-essentials who, in reality, is the core infrastructure that holds the whole house of cards together must get their jobs and their sense of human value back. Otherwise, the CCP virus will win with consequences no one, especially the ruling essentials wants to even consider.

Respectfully Submitted,

Knight Allen


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