Erosion of Rights

January 12, 2014 Updated: July 9, 2020

Dear Editor,

Federal agencies like the IRS are out of control and it’s only going to get worse. Under the Obama administration, overreaching federal regulations are now the political norm, the chosen vehicles of implementation of the radical Obama agenda.

The IRS, the Department of Justice, the EPA, the NSA, and HHS, just to name a few, have all been complicit in assaults on American individuals, industries, and our constitutional republic itself.

I am deeply concerned that Americans are becoming complacent (and therefore compliant) with the methodical erosion of our rights!

Barack Obama is using federal agencies to ramrod his radical leftist agenda and suppress his opposition. He will continue to use his adherents in federal agencies to sidestep Congress whenever he can’t get a law passed through the constitutionally defined Legislature.

Among the most powerful and certainly the most feared of the federal empires is the IRS. It now appears to be Barack Obama’s favored agency to implement his leftist “change” in America.

The IRS suppression of conservative Christian groups and voices is among the most egregious violations of the public trust in the history of our nation.

Left unchecked, in three years we will no longer have a representative government anything like the one our Founding Fathers intended.

Rose Cecil
Mechanicsville, Va.

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