Ernest Borgnine: Lifetime Award to be Given to Ernest Borgnine

January 30, 2011 Updated: October 24, 2015

Ernest Borgnine, the veteran television and film actor, is set to receive a Life Achievement Award from the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) on Sunday night, according to a SAG press release.

The 94-year-old McHale’s Navy and Marty star briefly downplayed receiving the award, telling The Associated Press about when he first received the phone call from SAG President Ken Howard:

"He (Howard) said, 'We've nominated you. Would you accept the fact that you are to be the winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award?'" Borgnine told the news agency. "And I said, 'But am I worth it? Really. It comes down to that. What have I done, really? But, hey! I'm not going to turn it down.'”

Borgnine is still doing acting work despite his age, lending his voice to the animated series SpongeBob Squarepants.

SAG said that Borgnine will receive the award from Tim Conway.

Previous SAG Lifetime Achievement Awards have been given to Betty White, Angela Lansbury, James Earl Jones, Charles Durning, Julie Andrews, Shirley Temple Black, James Garner, Karl Malden, and Clint Eastwood.