Erin Gloria Ryan Apologizes for ‘Dumb Joke’ About Paul Walker’s Death

December 1, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Erin Gloria Ryan, a writer at Jezebel, made a “dumb joke” about Paul Walker’s death that infuriated numerous people.

Shortly after news broke that Walker, a famous actor, died at age 40 on November 30, Ryan tweeted several jokes about the death.

Her last one was: “Why couldn’t it be scott walker? 🙁 #wisconsintweets.” Scott Walker is the Republican governor of Wisconsin.

According to journalist Matthew Keys, who first reported the tweets, Ryan also tweeted that “millions of significantly less hot people still live.”

Ryan is still getting tweets from angry people who can’t believe her jokes.

“Quick apology is fine, but you clearly have serious issues if you wish a Republican would die in a car crash,” said Matt Mackowiak.

“Have your head examined you sick person,” added John Malone.

“I apologized because I was called out by people who were right — it was tasteless, inappropriate, and not funny,” said Ryan.

“I don’t wish death; I was trying to (and failing — miserably, miserably) to make a joke that I never should have made,” she said.

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