Eric Trump Reveals Fear After His Father Taking Office

January 20, 2017 Updated: January 20, 2017

Eric Trump, the son of President-elect Donald Trump, has revealed a fear he has after his father takes office.

“I think having a lot of new people around him,” Eric Trump told CBS on Thursday from the Trump Tower in New York City.

“And, you know, as a family, we’ve always been a little bit insular—you know, it was my father, it was Don, Ivanka, you know, myself… the company. And we were very, very close. And I think that’s going to be an adjustment. But he has amazing people,” he added.

The younger Trump responded to a question about his father’s cabinet choices.

“Yeah… I do. And you’re—listen, you’re always going to have that. But he’s picked incredibly, incredibly talented people. And my father—his entire life, I’ve seen this—he can pick talented people,” Trump said. “It’s what’s attributed to so much of his success. And I think he’s very much done that here.”

The CBS reporter also asked him about the president-elect’s Twitter account.

“What I can tell you is my father’s Twitter is an incredible vehicle for him. I’ve seen firsthand throughout this whole process how dishonest the media has been. I am the biggest proponent of him communicating directly with the people, as opposed to the third parties who want to do anything to undermine him,” he said.

“He’s a fighter. This country needs a fighter. You want somebody with that mentality in this country, in this world. You want somebody who will push back and fight for themselves but also fight for the interests of this nation,” Trump added. “You know, my father is the first person in the office in the morning, he’s the last person to leave. He works seven days a week, 365 days a year. He’s going to put Washington back to work and our government’s going to start working for the people again.”