Eric Garner Decision Leads Hundreds to Protest at Rockefeller Center

December 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

After the Grand Jury decision to not indict Daniel Pantaleo for the chokehold death of Eric Garner, protests sprang up all over the great New York City area. Several dozen people gathered at the site where Eric Garner lost his life, but the larger protest have taken place at more iconic places in NYC. Grand Central Station, Union Square, and Rockeller Center are seeing larger number of protesters chanting “Shut It Down” and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”. 

NYPD has been preparing for these protesters for most of the afternoon of Wednesday, December 3. Deploying barriers and making sure hundreds of extra police officers are ready to deal with any who would use this opportunity to create a situation similar to Ferguson, Missouri or Los Angeles, California. Several NYPD buses have been seen on the streets ready for mass arrests.

Protesters can be seen holding signs saying “I Can’t Breathe”, the final words uttered by Eric Garner, caught on video.