EpochTV Review: Communist Front Organizations Are Influencing US Politics at Every Level

October 25, 2021 Updated: October 25, 2021


Don’t miss the latest episode of “Counterpunch” with Trevor Loudon, where he continues exposing the ongoing worldwide communist revolution and how Americans can fight back. “This is the battle of our lifetime,” says Loudon.

Foreign involvement in American elections is something the media has talked about more and more in recent years, but Loudon says that it has actually been going on for a long time, since as early as the 1920s and 30s. He goes on to explain exactly how the communist agenda seeks to infiltrate and influence the politics and policies of foreign countries.

There are several openly Marxist and communist organizations active today that Americans need to be aware of. The Democratic Socialists of America, Liberation Road, along with many others mentioned in the episode, all operate as front organizations for the communist agenda. Loudon even shows photos of popular politicians today that are involved in these organizations. Many of the pictures are with an elderly man named Gregor Gysi, who in 1989 when communism fell was the last leader of the Socialist Party, called the East German Communist Party. This was the Party responsible for the Berlin Wall, and with it thousands of people dying, being tortured, intimidation, spying by the secret police, and so much more. This political party established and ran a total authoritarian regime. The Party also loyally supported the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War.

After the collapse of East Germany, the Communist Party changed its name several times until eventually it was called “Die Linke,” meaning “The Left.” This Party is known today as The Left, and is described as a democratic socialist party. Gysi is considered the Party’s eldest statesman, and is very well respected. This openly communist political party also has a foundation, funded by taxpayer dollars, called the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, which has a network across the country, including an office in downtown Manhattan, New York. This organization actively coordinates with the United Kingdom, United Nations, and other countries in its attempt to revive the communist revolution in America and across the globe. The Manhattan office is working in the United States to influence American domestic politics.

In 2014, the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Foundation organized a big gathering in New York and called it “Mapping Socialist Strategies.” The event was centered around how to work out the communist revolution in North America and Europe. Leaders from Canada and Europe attended, including top leaders of Communist Party USA, Liberation Road, and other communist organizations and training schools for communists.

A Leftist German Political Party Is Influencing US Politics at Every Level | Counterpunch [Full Episode]

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A few key policy objectives that these communist organizations work for are open borders so immigrants can keep flooding in, flipping southern states blue and turning them communist, which they have done in certain areas including Virginia as well as voter registration organizations that heavily control elections. Many of the people in attendance at the gathering are connected to China, Vietnam,Venezuela, and now have Black Lives Matter connections as well.

Recordings of the gathering reveal them discussing how to make things disruptive and make the current system in the United States more ungovernable, looking at the weak points in the system of production, distribution, and governance that constitute the neoliberal economy and how they can act on those weak points in their local areas of control.

In 2017, the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Foundation did a training session shortly after Trump came to office. At the event, they trained Democratic Socialists of America members, who form the backbone of the Bernie Sanders movement. The foundation has also done trainings for African Americans, and many people who have attended these trainings are now elected to office throughout the country or are actively involved in communist front organizations.

Loudon emphasizes that this foundation is a German, taxpayer funded, political organization, run by former East German communists who are very close to Russia, and they are training American left-wing political leaders. This begs the question of whether or not this political activity is even legal. Many of these political activists once worked as informants for the secret police. East German informants sent people to jail to be executed or tortured, and now those same informants are training Americans to influence U.S elections and policy.

Loudon says the Congressional Progressive Caucus is a group in the Democratic Party started by Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialists of America to push socialist policies into the Democratic Party. The caucus is now approximately 95 members strong and is a transmission belt for communist and socialist ideals. From it has come policies such as the Green New Deal, amnesty, socialized healthcare, the host of voter registration agendas that Democrats are pushing through, and much more. It is largely coming from the Congressional Progressive Caucus which also has close ties to the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Foundation.

These organizations are training political activists and strongly associating and working with democratic leaders. Perhaps the FBI, CIA, or even a few brave Republican members of the legislature should be looking into this. Americans need to know the communist revolution being orchestrated in their country, states, and communities.

Watch the full episode for more in depth information and share this article to help expose the communist revolution agenda.

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