Epoch Times Attracts and Informs Chinese Real Estate Investors

Epoch Times was the only Chinese-language media company invited to attend this year’s SIMA International Real Estate Exhibition in Madrid and worked as the media partner for the exhibition.

This isn’t the first time the Chinese edition of Epoch Times has participated in an international real estate event this year. The organizers of these activities have realized that only Epoch Times can help their exhibitors understand China and find more Chinese investors.

SIMA, which took place from May 29 to June 1 this year, is one of the largest and best-known Spanish real estate exhibitions. Since European countries have opened their doors to immigrants, many Chinese people are attracted by Spain’s Golden Visa for investment immigrants.

The Golden Visa, which took effect last October, allows non-Eurozone citizens to apply for residency in Spain if they invest more than 500,000 euros (US $676,380) in real estate in Spain. According to reports, the majority of applicants for the Gold Visa are Chinese, followed by Russians.

Epoch Times has reported in detail on the SIMA exhibition, hoping to provide Chinese investors with more real estate market information. These reports have attracted widespread interest from potential Chinese investors.

As an honest and outspoken media outlet independent from the Chinese regime, Epoch Times has won worldwide respect. The newspaper provides unfiltered news from mainland China, which is extremely important to investors and corporate management.

Epoch Times has been invited to participate in quite a few international real estate exhibitions in the past five months, including shows in Belgium, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Malaysia, according to Hong Kong Epoch Times Asia-Pacific market consultant Daisy Lee.

2014 Timeline of Exhibitions

February 2014 – Belgium

At the Second Home Expo in Ghent, the second largest city in Belgium, Epoch Times was invited to give a special speech on investment in the Chinese market.

“You can see and hear that more and more Chinese people want to buy property, but we don’t understand their language,” said exhibitor Ms. Veerle Van Deuren. “I think Epoch Times provides us a door. They have done really well.”

March 2014 – Netherlands

After the successful participation in the Belgium exhibition, organizers again invited Epoch Times to participate in the Second Home Expo in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

April 2014 – Singapore

International Real Estate Exhibition organizer OPP Connect held their first Asian exhibition in Singapore.

“We are very careful about choosing cooperation media,” said Mr. Xavier Wiggins, who was in charge of the exhibition. “Epoch Times has great content; I love it. Epoch Times has always been an independent, outspoken media that can be trusted.”

Hong Kong Epoch Times marketing manager Cheryl Ng gave a speech titled “Epoch Times Can Help You Reach Financially Sound Chinese Investors Faster.” After attending the speech, Singapore Remax Associate Director Chaillot Xun (Harlow Garfield Russell) said, “To expand to the Chinese market, one needs to work with the Epoch Times.”

May 2014 – Malaysia

Epoch Times sponsored the 2014 Asia Pacific Real Estate Property awards. This international event was organized by International Property Media, which is headquartered in the UK.

The event has been held for nearly two decades in different parts of the world. This year’s winners are outstanding persons from hundreds of international real estate businesses and architectural design areas.

Epoch Times was specially invited to host the discussion titled “Chinese Market: Opportunity and Crisis Coexist” during the award summit.

Translated by Susan Wang. Written in English by Sally Appert.