Environmental Criminal Turned International Fugitive

May 6, 2012 Updated: May 7, 2012

After serving his sentence and paying only a portion of his fines, it now appears Wei Guo “Larry” Huang has fled the country on a one-way ticket.

In December 2004, Huang was charged with five felonies and five misdemeanors for illegally turning two of his unlicensed auto-wrecking yards into hazardous-waste sites in Kent, according to the Environmental Resource Center website. He then opened a third site in Seattle and repeated the process.

After dumping over 500 gallons of gasoline, oil, and other hazardous material into the ground near Green Lake, Huang created one of the state’s worst toxic-waste sites. He was later fined $1 million and sentenced to three years in prison. Investigators said Huang drained fuel and other fluids from the vehicles that he was about to crush and dumped it all into holes he dug specifically for that purpose, the Seattle Times reported.

“I am a businessman, not a criminal. I just made a mistake,” Huang told the court in 2005, according to the Seattle Times.

However, according to court documents, Huang’s sites were inspected around 24 times between 1999 and 2003. After each inspection, Huang was notified of the violations but disregarded the notices, the Seattle Times reported.

Huang recently stopped paying his fines and missed a court appearance. Just as authorities were preparing to serve warrants for Huang’s arrest, investigators say he left the country and may be in China, according to NWCN.com

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