Kirk Cameron to Launch Children’s TV Series Based on ‘Biblical Moral Values’

The actor and producer has partnered with his publisher to create ‘Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk,’ a live action TV show for kids.
Kirk Cameron to Launch Children’s TV Series Based on ‘Biblical Moral Values’
Kirk Cameron attends the premiere of "LIFEMARK" at Museum of the Bible in Washington on Sept. 7, 2022. (Paul Morigi/Getty Images)
Jana J. Pruet

Actor and author Kirk Cameron has announced his latest venture to create a live-action children’s TV series to bring wholesome programming to families.

Earlier this week, Mr. Cameron announced that he has partnered with his children’s book publisher, Brave Books, to make a “brand new one-of-a-kind children’s television program” that will teach solid morals, according to the project’s crowdfunding website.

The show, called “Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk,” will follow two main characters, Mr. Kirk, played by Mr. Cameron, and Iggy, an iguana who will be puppeteered and voiced by John Kennedy, known for his work with The Jim Henson Company, including roles on “The Muppets” and “Sesame Street.” Iggy the iguana lives in a tree house in Mr. Kirk’s backyard.

Actress Leigh-Allyn Baker is also joining the cast to play the role of Creative Leigh. She is best known for playing the mother on “Good Luck Charlie,” a Disney Channel sitcom.

The characters will interact with other animated characters and “run into fun guest stars” throughout their adventures.

“It’s so cool because it’s a live-action children’s show,” Mr. Cameron told radio host Glenn Beck during an interview on Monday. “Think of, like, the timeless biblical moral values of ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,’ only greatly modernized, high energy with embedded beautiful animated stories inside.”

The TV series will use a “traditional and biblical lens” to address topics such as “courage, honesty, discernment, forgiveness, and empathy.”

Cameron’s Credentials

Mr. Cameron, 53, is best known for his role as Mike Seaver on the TV series “Growing Pains,” which ran from 1985 to 1992. He told Mr. Beck that “this may be one of the most important projects I’ve ever worked on.”

In recent years, Mr. Cameron has gained notoriety as an outspoken conservative voice against “woke” ideology. He has held family story time at public libraries where he has read his children’s books in response to the drag queen story hours that have taken place across the country.

“Parents and grandparents are sickened and tired of their children being attacked by the woke wolves of Hollywood,” Mr. Cameron told Fox News Digital. “That’s why I’m continuing to work with Brave Books to dive further into the world of children’s entertainment.”

Mr. Cameron and Brave Books are currently in the process of raising $2.5 million to produce two seasons of the new series. The estimated cost to produce each 22-minute episode is $125,000. To date, they have raised just over $199,000.

“We’re not partnering with a big streaming studio or with Hollywood because their money always has strings attached,” he told Fox News. “We want to stay true to our core values just like ‘The Chosen.’ They gathered their community, and they made it themselves. And that’s why it’s been so remarkable.”

Contributors will receive various rewards, including personalized behind-the-scenes content, unlimited access to all seasons, an Iggy plush puppet, tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere, and more, based on the amount of the contribution.

For every $1 donated, the contributor will receive one entry to the “Guest Star Giveaway.” One winner will be selected to choose a child to guest star alongside Mr. Cameron in a single episode.

Mr. Cameron told the Washington Examiner that this is an opportunity for anyone to feed the “hearts and minds of children with good things” instead of the “twisted, perverted things that the wolves of Hollywood seem to keep pumping out.

“We have gone so far off the rails that people are buying into insanity and [are] teaching it to our children as a reality,” he added. “We want this show to be around a long time like Mr. Rogers and to be a staple of children’s entertainment.”

The series is expected to launch later this year on an independent streaming service, which will become available when the show is released.

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