Judge Judy: ‘I Think Women Who Watch Me Like to See Women in Control’

Judge Judy: ‘I Think Women Who Watch Me Like to See Women in Control’
Judge Judy Sheindlin attends the 2014 Heroes Of Hollywood Luncheon at Taglyan Cultural Complex on June 5, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Valerie Macon/Getty Images)
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“Judge Judy,” the famous female judge who presides in a courtroom seen across the nation on daytime television, said that she believes one reason for her success is her appeal to other women.

“I think I have a balanced sense of justice and I can read people and situations reasonably well,” said the judge, whose given name is Judy Sheindlin.

“I think women who watch [the show] like to see women in control; so many women are not in control of their lives, and a lot of the emails I get are about that. They watch and they like to see someone in control.”

“Judge Judy” is now on its 22nd season on air, and has been television’s top-rated syndicated daytime show for eight straight seasons.

The 75-year-old Sheindlin told the New York Post that her show gives people the comfort of seeing cases from start to finish.

She added, “I’m so disgusted with things I can’t relate to on TV … and everything seems to be in such disorder in the world and people still like order. They want their comfort food and I think I’ve been associated with comfort food. I have a particular personality and sense of humor and I don’t have to work hard doing my job—it comes naturally to me.”

The success of the show has brought tension, though.

In a transcript from court testimony, the judge said that she deserves all of her $47 million annual salary.

The court lawsuit stemmed from a company that allegedly packaged the show originally. The company wanted a share of the burgeoning profits.

“They pay me the money that they do because they have no choice. They can’t find another one. They’ve tried to find another Judy,” she said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “If they find another Judy, good for them. So far they haven’t.”

Prior to becoming “Judge Judy,” Sheindlin was a supervising judge in New York family court.

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