Joy Villa Responds to Criticism of Her Pro-Trump Dress at Grammys

Joy Villa Responds to Criticism of Her Pro-Trump Dress at Grammys
Singer Joy Villa arrives for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 10, 2019. (Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images)
Colin Fredericson

Singer Joy Villa responded to criticism of her pro-Trump “Build the Wall” dress, which she wore to the Grammys, on Twitter.

“I just want to give a warm shoutout to all the women attacking me with 'feminist' in their bios. The Anti Trump Latinos calling me the N word. And the Black Lives Matter activists telling me to chop off my Afro before they violently do it for me. Bless your hearts,” she wrote in one of her latest tweets, speaking on the backlash she has endured since the dress debut.

The dress she wore to the 61st Grammy Awards on Feb. 10 had an outer layer of barbed wire and steel, depicting the border wall that President Trump is pushing to have built. It also had an inner dress with a brick wall pattern design that said “Build the Wall” on the back and resembled Pink Floyd’s classic “The Wall” album cover.

Villa told Fox Business that as she walked the red carpet, the photographers were screaming insults at her. She said that this was the first year she experienced this level of hate, despite having worn a pro-Trump dress in the past.

She said that it was extremely unprofessional of the photographers, who are hired by the Grammys, and said that they will make a lot of money with the photographs they take of her and other Grammys attendees.

She also explained how she is deeply involved with the Grammys and is more than just an attendee at the yearly award show.

“I’ve been doing the red carpet since 2015. I’m a member of The Recording Academy. Proud of that. I’m a Grammys advocate. I advocate for the Music Modernization Act. So I’m very involved behind the scenes at the Grammys,” Villa told Fox Business.

The dress was designed by Desi Allinger of Desi Designs Couture. According to her Instagram page, Allinger is a celebrity fashion designer, the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, and the producer of a fashion show.
Villa’s latest music project, her album “Home Sweet Home,” is currently No. 7 in pop digital music albums and No. 37 in paid music albums on Amazon.

Villa wasn’t the only fashionable Donald Trump supporter on the Grammys red carpet. Recording artist Ricky Rebel wore a jacket with the phrases “Keep America Great” and “Trump 2020.”

Rebel told Fox News that he walked into the Grammys with the reversible jacket on the plain white side, but then switched to the blue side with slogans, showing Hollywood his support for President Trump, once he was on the red carpet.

Villa said she was happy to see more artists in support of the president.

“I love this that other artists are stepping out,” Villa told Fox Business. “Now we have other artists coming out supporting Trump, becoming less afraid.”

Villa expressed to Fox Business that she hopes even more artists will start going public with support for the president.

“I’ve been listening to all your liberal arguments against the wall, and you’re right. No more walls. No more locked doors. No more locked cars. No more rooms! Get rid of BOX STRUCTURES and buildings and keys and alarms all together they are racist! #woke," Villa wrote on Twitter, as a followup to people arguing about her “Build the Wall” dress.

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