Harvey Weinstein Smuggled Phone Into Rehab: Report

Harvey Weinstein Smuggled Phone Into Rehab: Report
Harvey Weinstein on Spike TV at MTV Studios in New York City on Mar. 8, 2017. (Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Spike)
Petr Svab
Disgraced Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein began his rehab stint by flouting the rules, getting a cell phone into the facility where phones are prohibited, two anonymous sources told Page Six.

According to one account, Weinstein arrived 15 minutes late for a group therapy session. “Then, when it was his turn to speak, he launched into a speech about how this is all a conspiracy against him,” the source said.

Then, when others talked, Weinstein allegedly fell asleep. “He was only woken up by the ringing of his smuggled mobile phone ... Harvey jolted awake, jumped up, immediately took the call and then ran out of the room,” the source said.

Another source, however, questioned that account.

“The characterization of what he said and what happened at the group session isn’t true,” the second source said.

The second source said Weinstein doesn’t attend group sessions anymore “for obvious reasons.”

Instead he receives individual treatment and is accompanied by a therapist at all times.

“He insists he never raped or assaulted anyone, and that all the encounters were consensual. He realizes he has acted like an [expletive], but he still insists he’s not a rapist,” the second source said.

Both sources agreed Weinstein holds onto his phone, though the second source said he has to hand the phone to somebody else when in therapy.

Contrary to previous reports by TMZ that Weinstein headed for an inpatient treatment in Arizona, Page Six sources say he’s in an outpatient setting that allows him to spend nights at a hotel.
Neither Weinstein, nor his representatives, have released the name of the facility. “We cannot comment on his location,” his representative told Page Six last week.
Weinstein, 65, faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault, including from well-known Hollywood actresses. The company he co-founded and co-chaired, Weinstein Co, announced on Oct. 6 he was taking an indefinite leave of absence from the business, effectively firing him. Then, on Oct. 17, he was also forced off the company’s Board of Directors, TMZ reported.

Weinstein has produced or distributed dozens of Oscar-winning movies including “Shakespeare in Love” and “Chicago.” He was a prominent donor to Democrats during the 2016 general election campaign.

Reuters contributed to this report.