Enraged Postal Worker Goes on Killing Spree in Ohio

December 24, 2017 Updated: December 24, 2017

DeShaune Stewart of Columbus, Ohio, killed two colleagues at a post office where he works, according to police, who added that relatives and friends of the two who died are at a loss.

Police said that both killings were “workplace violence,” and they added that Stewart blamed them for his impending termination, Fox News reported. Stewart allegedly killed his supervisor and then killed the postmaster in Dublin outside an apartment complex where she lived.

Stewart was apparently naked and carrying a weapon during both killings, officials said.

He arrived at 4:30 a.m. at the Dublin post office and shot Lance Herrera-Dempsey, 52, the supervisor. Stewart then shot him as he fell to the floor, police said.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that Stewart was seen three hours later, naked and armed with a gun, chasing the postmaster through a parking lot. Then he grabbed Ginger Ballard, 53, and threw her to the ground, and she died, police said.

According to The Associated Press, citing a report in the Franklin County Municipal Court, Ballard died instantly of blunt-force trauma to the head after she was thrown.

Police Sgt. Dave Sicilian said Stewart was under investigation at his workplace, NBC4i reported.

“One was his supervisor, the other was an investigator who was investigating him for some type of misconduct,” said Sicilian. “There had been some type of investigation into his misconduct and it had culminated and to possibly him being terminated and this was apparently his response was very violent.”

Meanwhile, the United States Postal Service inspection office issued a statement on the killings.

“We can confirm that shooting incidents occurred at the Dublin, Ohio Post Office along with a related shooting at the Bowland Place apartment complex in the early morning hours of December 23, 2017,” the statement reads.

“Because this tragic matter is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Postal Inspection Service and local law enforcement, we are not yet in a position to provide details concerning the incidents, although we can say the suspect believed to be responsible for the shootings was apprehended and is in custody. We are referring all additional media inquiries to the Southern District of Ohio U.S. Attorney’s Press Office and they will provide additional information at the appropriate time.”