Email marketing statistics and insights for 2015

March 1, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Email is a form of communication that has been around for longer than when the internet came to be. Believe it or not email is still central to a company’s efforts, business goals and marketing strategies. It has not been replaced by any novel technology nor by the latest technology available on the marketplace. Utilizing fundamentally sound email marketing tactics will be instrumental in 2015 for your business. A recently published infographic on highlights what specific metrics to pay attention when formulating an email marketing plan for this year and how to maximize the channel’s potential.

The usage of email offers a multitude of benefits to reap and not to mention numerous advantages for company. Electronic mail has the following perks: cost effective, more personal, immediate, high click-through rate (CTR), measurable and high return on investment (ROI).

In other words, email is much more affordable for a business and offers the ability to personalize relationships with existing or potential customers. The email software is equipped with the necessary tools and analytics to accurately measure interactions when they are sent out. In addition, email brings in substantial CTR traffic along with a large ROI.

When you careful craft and plan out your marketing campaign results follow. This means that online email marketing does deliver the highest ROI or about $44 per dollar spent of any existing digital channels.

What are some other noteworthy email marketing statistics? Exactly 40 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers rated generated leads by email as high quality. Elsewhere 66 percent of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an e-mail marketing message delivered to their inbox.

One enhancement that is essential in today’s social media marketing age is integrating it into your email provider. Why? Electronic communications through this medium combined with social sharing buttons increases CTR by 158 percent. This helps spread the word about your products and services a little more easily.

Harnessing the email marketing power for the mobile and social media space

The year 2014 saw plenty of varying trends within the social media marketing sphere including the mobile arena. More improved and designed native ads within social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) The adoption of smartphones forced businesses, enterprises, marketers, corporations and others to rethink how to better target their business or marketing campaigns.

The technology developed in the past few years has been deemed as disruptive and that is especially true in 2015. Anyone who disregards this rising disruption trend will struggle to generate high revenue numbers and profits. It is important to keep up-to-date with emerging technologies out there and capitalize on them for your own business gains. Furthermore, these technologies if analyzed accordingly and integrated in a seamless manner into your email marketing outcomes will be favorable.  

According to a survey titled “2015 State of Marketing” is a comprehensive analysis from over 5,000 global marketers about what to expect and implement. This year has been heralded as the year of mobile, and email is not dead. Look for marketers to focus, shift and tailor more carefully one-to-one mobile interactions.

Still not convinced about the findings on mobile? The data compiled found that 58 percent of marketers have a dedicated team to manage their company’s mobile marketing program. So it is happening for businesses to design marketing pitches with the full features that come with the mobile interface and are embedded into emails so customers get the quality customer experience or journey.

Social media marketing must be carefully conceived and most companies now understand what each social channel brings to the table. Let’s remember that a mobile compatible and user-friendly experience will bank large with your targeted customers.

This year the trend is certainly going to be increased budgets for the following five areas:

  • Social media advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media engagement
  • Location-based mobile tracking
  • Mobile applications

The key for businesses to succeed will be overcoming the overwhelming obstacles like keeping up with digital marketing trends. Elsewhere, optimize and focus on the quality of leads. The last area to invest is constantly tweaking and modifying your new business plan. Do not marry your original business mission and keep yourself open to making the necessary changes for greater success. Another hot trend for 2015 to look for is employee advocacy, the art of turning your staff into brand ambassadors.

Takeaways and conclusions of email marketing strategies

The challenge in 2015 will include making tough choices and where to allocate the company’s winning strategies. Marketers will have access to a record high number of technologies, channels and tactics to select from. How to go about answering what approach works will rely on what your company does and what industry it’s in. This includes learning what social platforms really will enhance your business outreach.

Maximize the power of email marketing and design campaigns that are personalized for your each individual customer if possible. It will not suffice to just send generic sales promotions or a dumb down newsletter to customers. You will need to bring that email communication to life. A responsive design when done right will lead to a 130 percent increase in email clicks. Making your email design compatible with current formats (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.) through using responsive email templates will generate solid leads.

Finally, integrate the mobile and social strategies into your general marketing plan. Bring and breathe new life into email campaigns by closely monitoring the customer journey from start to finish. Once you can recognize the patterns and transactions successfully generated you can design responsively a winning formula.