Election Protester: ‘The Fabric of America Is Getting Stolen Right Now’

December 19, 2020 Updated: December 21, 2020

Business owner Frank Dipuma is one of tens of thousands of Americans who are keeping the Stop the Steal movement ongoing. Since the president election, grassroots protests in all 50 states have taken place regularly, calling for a fair and transparent election and to support President Donald Trump and his fight for election integrity.

“I truly believe that the fabric of America is getting stolen right now, and it has been recently,” he said. “We’re dealing with a whole bunch of crooks in Washington. And I’m here to support the people. It’s a free America and we should keep it that way.”

Dipuma said there has been too many whistleblowers coming forward to name, and too many signed affidavits of witnesses who say there was fraud to ignore.

“We have multiple court cases right now that are going ahead and proving that the Dominion systems been corrupted by corrupt for many years,” he said. “So why would they use the Dominion system in 28 different states if they had implications it wasn’t a solid system to use for elections to begin with? That brings up a lot of questions.”

“And so I’d like those questions answered. I think any American would want those questions answered whether you’re a Democrat or Republican,” he said. “If you feel like there’s been fraud in your election process, let’s get to the bottom of it.”

“It’s really simple. We can figure it out, let the courts go ahead and make a decision. If the courts can do it. Well, then we’ll have our legislative committees in Washington do that. Let’s find out what the end result will be. Otherwise we’ll never have a free election in this country again,” he said.

Ying Wan contributed to this report.