Elderly Couple Reunited after 69 Years of Separation

December 12, 2005 Updated: December 12, 2005

TAIPEI – A newlywed couple from Sichuan Province was separated by the Sino-Japanese War. They later both remarried, but 69 years later, their paths crossed again while each was in search of a new partner.

According to a report in Hong Kong's<i.Sing Pao Daily , the husband, Qiu Daming, is 91 years old and the wife, Zehua Liu, originally named Defang Li, is over 80 years old. Sixty-nine years ago, Qiu Daming was an officer of the No.20 regiment of the National Party army stationed in Xuanhan County, Sichuan. The couple met each other through friends, then got married and loved each other dearly.

After the Battle of Lugou Bridge, the regiment was immediately ordered to march north to fight the Japanese. Qiu Daming left with the regiment before he even had time to bid farewell to his wife. After waiting for her husband for six years with no news of his whereabouts, Liu Zehuan left her hometown to live in Chongqing in order to make a living. The couple henceforth lost touch with each other and both remarried.

In 1954, Qiu Daming was labeled a counter-revolutionary and was sent into exile in Xinjiang for 20 years. When he returned to his old home, his second wife had already left him and re-married. Meanwhile, Liu Zehua had never had any children of her own and her second husband had passed away.

After being widowed for a long period of time, Liu Zehua disclosed to one of her friends her hope of finding a partner with whom to spend the rest of her life. Her friend then recalled that Qiu Daming was a single elderly person as well.

At first Qiu tried to refuse the marriage several times, even against his goddaughter's earnest request to go through with it, because he was afraid that the widow would not be able to accept him due to his poor pension of 130 yuan a month. But the old widow did not care about his poverty and wanted to spend her life with him.

While applying for a marriage certificate, they learned of each other's personal information and past. It was only then that, to their amazement, they discovered that they had previously been married to each other.

The old couple hopes that Heaven will give them more time to spend together and share the long lost love that they have found again.