‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Gets Oculus Rift Support Ahead of April Release Date (+Video)

February 12, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The “Elder Scrolls Online”–Bethesda’s upcoming MMORPG–has apparently been given Oculus Rift support, according to reports.

A video uploaded of the game in Oculus Rift was published on YouTube.

According to PC GamesN, developer Chris Gallizzi has been playing the game–in its closed beta phase–on the Oculus Rift. Gallizzi reportedly built Rift support from scratch, but he said it isn’t the full experience for Oculus.

A few mainstream gaming websites have published previews of the game this week.

Gamespot’s Kevin VanOrd wrote that “over the weekend, I played a good dozen hours of the game, and my outlook improved. Do I still think The Elder Scrolls Online is beholden to outdated ideas? Yes. Am I still as apathetic to the game as I once had been? No.”

He said the game “excels” at creating a great atmosphere based on the lore of previous “Elder Scrolls” games.

“Within towns and villages, banners fly and guards patrol the streets, looking for troublemakers. In the forests, the birch trees are so weathered, you feel you might reach out and tear the bark right from the trunks. When venturing into an eerie graveyard, a steady drone of eerie violin harmonics evokes the danger of undead lurkers; near the vast ocean, legato cellos hark back to the third game of the Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind, eliciting shivers,” he wrote.

LazyGamer, however, described the game as “Tamrielly un-fun.”

‘While the game is pretty, it is lacking in environment and NPC animations. Sure, the game is still in beta and maybe that will be turned on when the polishing is done. However, it made the pretty textures seem redundant when the world was so stiff – it would have been nice to see more environmental effects and maybe even some better NPC interactions,” the website says.

The game will be released April 4 for the PC and Mac, and it will be released in June for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.