Eight Kilos of Uranium Missing in China

By Wang Manna, Central News Agency
August 25, 2007 Updated: August 25, 2007

According to the Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, a case involving the illegal sale of uranium was tried in Guangzhou on August 22. The case involved 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds) of high-concentration uranium, which is still missing.

The center quoted inside sources claiming that over 20 people have been confirmed as suffering from radiation sickness after coming into contact with the uranium, including the four men who attempted to sell the uranium, as they were unaware of radiation prevention measures.

According to a mainland China report, the confiscated uranium sample contained U-235, which can be used to produce nuclear bombs. The selling price was 1,600,000 yuan per kilogram (approximately US$ 207,000).

The four men were charged with illegal trading in dangerous goods.